A father is going viral on social media after his reaction to his family's latest gender reveal captured the hearts and laughs of many. This girl-dad clearly loves his family, but getting the news that he would finally have a boy almost made him forget about the baby girl in his arms.


Gender reveals have become a must for expecting parents. Some like to get really extravagant while other parents opt to keep things simple.

One family, who already had two little girls, was anxious to find out the gender of their next child.

Twitter via @BornAKang
Twitter via @BornAKang

It won't take long for you to see just how excited the father was when he saw blue confetti fly out of the balloon.

Girl-Dad's Priceless Reaction to Finally Having First Baby Boy

See the full video from @BornAKang on Twitter below.


See reactions to the moment from Twitter here.





Congrats to this growing family!

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