What could possibly go wrong here?

A couple decided to use the infamous crate challenge at their gender reveal party and it ended like you'd expect it to.

The father of the unborn baby climbs the crates, but halfway up, things got really shakey and that's when he came crashing down. But not before we learned that he would soon be the father of a baby boy.

Twitter via Podfathers Podcast
Twitter via Podfathers Podcast

I'm not sure how much he enjoyed this announcement, but those in attendance loved every minute of it.

As you'll see below, guests were thrilled to see their friend come crashing down, and they were also a bit excited to learn that the couple would soon be parents to a baby boy.

This latest challenge has been banned on some social media platforms because of the danger it comes with, yet folks continue to climb the crates.

I want to congratulate the couple here, I just hope one day their child gets a decent laugh out of this video.

Now, because this is on the internet, we'll take this with a grain of salt as some are suggesting that the woman in this video may actually NOT be pregnant. You can decide here.

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