If social media has taught us anything, it would be this. Everyone has an opinion. And, everyone, on social media at least, seems to think that you are entitled to hear theirs. I am all for the free and clever exchange of well-thought-out ideas but we know clever and well thought out often do not accompany the opinions you might read on social media sites.

But, if it weren't for opinions we'd never get anything done. Someone has to be the one to step up and say "hey this isn't working" or "hey this guy is an idiot" and that's how change happens.

However, the inherent problem with opinions is they are often not facts. In fact, quite often they are not based on anything resembling a fact. They are based on emotion. Which, there's nothing wrong with that except when that emotional outpouring fosters an environment of untruth.

This leads us to the "unpopular opinion". That's an opinion that people really don't want to hear even though it's probably what they need to hear. Quite often when I read stories online such as this one that talks about unpopular opinions I usually wind up shaking my head a lot.


Because I know the unpopular opinion is probably a great observation. And, I know that I won't be saying that opinion out loud because I don't want to hear the cacophony of noise that usually follows those kinds of statements.

So let's take a look at some opinions that you may or may not agree with. Even though deep in your heart, you know they are spot on.

12 Unpopular Opinions That Really Are the Truth


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