The recent events in Manchester, England has the entire world on heightened alert today after 22 were killed and more injured when a suicide boomer detonated a pipe bomb just outside a packed concert arena.  Could it happen in Lafayette?  Truth is, it could happen anywhere.  With 5 Garth Brooks shows coming to the Cajundome, the Lafayette market is big enough for evil to find a home unfortunately.  So what can you do to protect yourself and others?

  • Be aware of your surroundings.  Look at the people and the general area around you.  Take note of anything or anyone that looks suspicious.  For instance, if a person looks 'out of place', carrying a backpack, acting overly fidgety, mention it to security or the Cajundome staff.  Same goes if you should see an unattended bag on the ground, on a seat or tucked away somewhere out of view.
  • If you hear someone taking about blowing up the arena, don't take it as a joke.  Number one, who in their right mind would joke about that in the first place.  Take it seriously and mention it to security or the Cajundome staff.
  • When in the restroom, if you see anything in a stall or under the sinks that looks odd, report it.
  • When using throwing away garbage, glance down into the container to make sure someone hasn't tossed a device that could hurt hundreds of people.  Again, if you notice something that looks abnormal, report it to authorities.
  • Outside the arena, take a look in the parking lot, tunnel and at the grounds as you walk toward the entrance.  If you see a bag, box, suitcase, etc., unattended or being held by someone who looks suspicious, report this immediately.

Never be embarrassed or ashamed that you might be getting the authorities involved with a situation that turns out to be nothing.  Be safe than sorry.  The Cajundome has always provided more than adequate security to protect performers and their audiences.  I'm quite sure not one of these men and women protecting the people who spend money on tickets to events in the dome would be upset if your report turned out to be nothing.

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