CAMERON PARISH, La. (KPEL News) - Just in case you want to get a quick location in before the end of summer, a popular vacation spot in south Louisiana has topped the list for destinations with the cleanest air in the state.

According to a new report from, Rutherford Beach tops the list of vacation destinations in the state, and comes in No. 16 overall when looking at locations throughout the country.

The study on air quality has an average AQI of 18.

Also making the list from Louisiana: Cypremort Point State Park (28th), Fontainebleau State Park (34th), Holly Beach (48th), and Grand Isle State Park (69th).

Rutherford Beach, Louisiana

Located in Cameron Parish, Rutherford Beach is a popular spot for recreational use. Guests can go paddling from the river to the navigation channel outlet. You can also go paddling in the Gulf, though you do need to watch out for strong winds, which are common in the area.

However, it historically has had issues with bacteria present in the water. It is currently under advisory by the Louisiana Department of Health, per their beach monitoring program.

Credit: Louisiana Department of Health
Credit: Louisiana Department of Health

Still, several travel sites have Rutherford Beach rated very highly, signaling its popularity locally.

The Cleanest Air in the Country

Probably not surprisingly, Alaska and Hawaii dominated the list from Of the Top 5, the first two are in Hawaii and the bottom three are in Alaska.


The remainder of the Top 10 is also Hawaii-centric, with a brief appearance by Washington and California.

6HawaiiKaanapali BeachAverage AQI: 15
7HawaiiNorth ShoreAverage AQI: 15
8WashingtonLong BeachAverage AQI: 16
9HawaiiWaikiki BeachAverage AQI: 16
10CaliforniaCarmel BeachAverage AQI: 16

The study is a good look into air quality and the importance of maintaining good AQI in our state and across the country.

"While we acknowledge the growing air quality challenges across many parts of the U.S., it's heartening to see nature-rich havens providing a refreshing break for our citizens," says a spokesperson from MyBioSource. "This study underscores the incredible value of maintaining and cherishing our pristine environments, reminding us that clean air is not only a boon for our health, but also a key attraction of our beautiful vacation spots.”

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