You can find a lot of food on Instagram. A lot. And it's all because we like to share what we're doing on social media - where we are, what we're doing, who we're doing it with - and that includes our restaurant and cooking habits.

Because we love to eat and share what we're eating with the world, there are a lot of restaurants that put a good deal of effort into their presentation. And when you get those meals, sometimes it's just really hard to eat them. They just look so cool.

Here are the restaurants that put the effort into presentation and keep people coming back (with their camera phones) over and over again.


Tsunami, located in Downtown Lafayette, has some of the most beautiful plating you'll find anywhere. Part of what makes sushi restaurants in general so appealing is the plating and creativity that goes into the presentation, and with all the different styles that Tsunami provides, it's a very eye-catching experience each time.

Spoonbill Watering Hole and Restaurant

A cool downtown restaurant established in a revamped Conoco station, Spoonbill is a trendy spot with a unique interior layout and an exciting array of different foods. From the Bibimbap pictured above to the Commander in Beef burger to the wild assortment of drinks (like the tropical "Humuhumunukunukuapua'a" - yes, that's real), it's the unique take on dining and atmosphere that makes Spoonbill the kind of place you put on your social media page.

Central Pizza & Bar

Unconventional in its pizza recipes while being located in the heart of the downtown area, Central is a place you take a group of people to enjoy some unique twists on this classic food. Their style may look like a traditional pizzeria, with pizza ovens and a bustling wait staff, what you are presented with is anything but traditional.

The French Press

For breakfast or lunch (or, if you're feeling bold, brunch), the French Press is located in an older building and they've maintained that atmosphere inside. But while the interior may feel classic, the food consists of pretty bold takes. The Cajun Benedict (pictured above) is just one such dish. There are so many great choices, you'll be back to take a lot of different pictures.

Social Southern Table & Bar

Social Southern Table & Bar is a very modern establishment with a fun layout and a stellar menu. Their takes on wings, burgers, and other dishes, combined with their own creations, make them a place you have to try at least once. Once won't be enough, however, and you will quickly find yourself keeping the option open for a future visit.

Ruffino's on the River

Ruffino's is a classic Lafayette establishment, offering fine dining with great options and a stellar building. But it's the view outside that elevates the restaurant vibe to picturesque. You can enjoy a great meal on the patio overlooking the Vermilion River.


Vestal is another restaurant that combines fine dining with a beautiful presentation to create a dining experience you'll enjoy eating (as well as snapping a picture or two of it for the memories). It's clear that they put a lot of care not only into the cooking but into the plating of your dish, taking it to a whole new level.

Is That All?

Certainly not! The best thing about the local restaurant scene is the number of options. There's no way you can go wrong if you're looking for good food, and you can always share what you've in front of you. We love to see what folks in Lafayette love to eat!

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