Some people have started using their old cell phones as a budget friendly option to beef up their home security.

How To Turn An Old Cell Phone Into A Security Camera

There are several options for putting your old cell to good use after you drop serious cash on a shiny new phone. It doesn't have to just sit in the back of the junk drawer where you put it "just in case."

(Spoiler alert: You're likely never going to need it)

One rather genius second life users have given their phones is turning them into home security cameras. Here's how it's done:

  1. Install a security camera app on your old phone. CNET notes there are several options available to download. Many of those options have the same features. A quick search for the purposes of writing this article turned up ZoomOn Home and Alfred as two of the best reviewed options for security camera apps. These apps will allow you to register both your old phone as a camera and your new phone as a way to view the feed.
  2. Find the perfect location for the camera. Once you have the stream up and running, you will be able to test the camera out in various parts of your home. Keep in mind you're viewing through a cell phone camera and won't be able to pan to see various angles during the stream. Be sure to choose a high angle in the corner of the room if you are looking to capture a wide area.

Now, you're ready to use that old phone as a cost-efficient security camera.

How To Tell If There's A Hidden Camera In A Room

OK, so let's say you're on the other end of the security spectrum and would REALLY like to know where all of those cameras are hidden. (We'll assume you want to know this for your own personal safety reasons and not for something nefarious)

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A quick search of available mobile apps also revealed options for detecting hidden security cameras.

The Camera Detector App claims to be able to locate camera lens, infrared light and magnetic activity possibly coming from recording equipment.

Device Tracker – Bug Detector is a similar app that says it will "expose spy cameras with a single tap."

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