As we continue to follow the journey of Deux Face, a unique two-faced calf born at Breaux Farms in Kaplan, Louisiana, recent updates are showing gradual progress in her development. Born with a rare condition, Deux Face has gotten significant attention online, with many (including myself) following her story closely.

As of their latest update over the weekend (Mar. 3), the team at Breaux Farms reports that Deux Face is making subtle improvements. Notably, she is beginning to attempt to use her legs with the support of a calf sling and is showing increased strength in moving her head. These developments, while minor, are positive signs of her adapting to her rare condition.

It looks like the Breaux Farms crew is going above and beyond to give Deux Face the most normalcy that her condition will allow as the video (below) shows her being taken outdoors for sunlight exposure and interaction with the farm's other cows, including her mother. This is just one example of how the farm is doing the most to properly care for Deux Face, nurturing and supporting as best they can given her special needs.

The farm has addressed the public's curiosity and concern, confirming that Deux Face is "not for sale" and emphasizing their decision to limit visitors and media involvement to protect both the calf's wellbeing and the family's privacy.

Feeding Deux Face presents unique challenges due to her condition, with a preference for feeding from her left mouth because of a slight deformity in the right. The Breaux Farms family appreciates the kind words and support from the public.

Her progress, while slow, is a positive sign, and the farm remains committed to her well-being as she grows. See the details behind Deux Face's rare condition in the original story here as we stay close to her story via updates from the Breaux Farms team.

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Gallery Credit: Katherine Gallagher

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