Although unemployment rates have significantly decreased since the peak of 14.7% during the COVID-19 pandemic in April 2020, concerns about job security persist as workers face an uncertain economic future.

Experts have differing opinions regarding the possibility of a recession. Factors such as the resumption of student loan payments, consistently high gas prices, ongoing inflation, and rising insurance costs are among the factors that could restrict consumer spending and potentially trigger another economic downturn. The last recession prior to the pandemic, known as the Great Recession of 2007-09, saw unemployment rates rise to 10% by October 2009, and it took several years for a full recovery.

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As of November 2023, the national unemployment rate remains relatively low at 3.7%, which is slightly lower than the previous month and comparable to the previous year. However, employment levels vary significantly across regions and states, depending on their local economies. Seasonally adjusted unemployment rates by state demonstrate a wide range, from as low as 1.8% in Maryland to as high as 5.4% in Nevada.

Stacker has compiled a list of parishes in Louisiana with the highest unemployment rates in November 2023, based on Bureau of Labor Statistics data. The parishes are ranked by their preliminary unemployment rate, with ties broken by the number of unemployed individuals in each parish. It's important to note that these parish-level unemployment rates are not adjusted for seasonal variations.

LOOK: These Are the Parishes With the Highest Unemployment in Louisiana

Stacker compiled a list of the parishes with the highest unemployment in Louisiana using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Parishes are ranked by unemployment rate in November 2023.

Gallery Credit: Stacker

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