A wild day unfolded at an Abbeville school this week after a woman was arrested after previously being banned from the campus.

The woman was there according to the KLFY report to pick up her daughter after the daughter said she was fearful because she was hearing rumors about a school shooting.

Aurora Judd asked her mother to pick her up from Abbeville High School. The mother, Juaune Stelly-Judd, went to the school. but was asked to leave. At some point, the school resource officer tried to arrest Stelly-Judd, and police say Judd resisted and an altercation began.

Aurora began to record the incident. The two begin to tussle, and according to Abbeville Chief Hardy Juaune outweighed the school resource officer 3 to 1. Judd shouts,

"Aurora, she's trying to break my neck. She choked me, and now she's pointing a gun at me in front of a school!"

The officer is heard saying, "I am telling you get on the ground!"

Abbeville Police Chief Mike Hardy had the following to say to KLFY about this incident,

She was trying to hold her any way she could. Mrs. Judd was way bigger than her and weighed more than her, and she was just hanging on as best she could until she got back up. I don't think she was choking her. I think she was hanging on for dear life. This woman probably outweighed her 3 to 1. She was probably just hanging on.

Some community leaders are calling for an investigation of the officer. Both the mother and the daughter were arrested. The mother was arrested for the following:

Four counts of battery of a police officer

Resisting by Force

Disarming a peace officer

Disturbing the peace

Criminal Trespassing

The mother's bond was set at $32,000. The daughter was charged with simple battery of a police officer.

Chief Hardy says he says the officer was doing her job. He says about the mother, "But it looks like she didn't have any intention of working with the officer."

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