Fights at school happen, and when they do some people can be arrested, and that was just the case this week when a fight started Tuesday afternoon at Port Barre High School according to KLFY.

Port Barre Police Chief Deon Boudreaux told KLFY that, "Unfortunately, we are in an era of lawlessness and violence."

What Happened?

According to Chief Boudreaux a student who had been expelled from school showed up with two other people in a car just as the students were getting on the buses to go home. That's when the melee started.

Several students jumped into the fighting, but that's not all. Wednesday, officials with law enforcement were able to get footage of a fight between students in a classroom, so several more students were arrested.

In all, 16 students were arrested this week. Chief Boudreaux says the students were arrested on charges of disturbing the peace by fighting, and one of the juveniles was also arrested for assault on a school teacher. All the juveniles ranged in age from 14-19.

What Happened to the Juveniles?

The expelled student was also charged with inciting a riot and criminal trespassing in addition to the charge of disturbing the peace by fighting. The two people in that car with him face disturbing the peace by fighting charges and inciting a riot.

Chief Boudreaux says,

School security is an absolute must. Every school should have officers on campus during school hours. Our state leaders and school boards need to have some discussion and find funding to be able to place officers in our schools.


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