Christmas is rapidly approaching and many have already started their shopping for the holiday season.

Shopping for kids is usually pretty easy, but as kids transition into teenagers, the task becomes a bit more challenging.

Let's face it, we often have no idea what to get teens for Christmas, so when they speak up about what they may want for the holidays we listen.

Recently I was talking to my son about gift ideas and I got a few obvious gift ideas like cologne, shoes, hoodies, etc. Then he mentioned one gift idea that made me nearly run off of the road.

He told me that he would like a fake vine to hang in his room. Yes, a fake vine that you may see as part of the decor in a restaurant or even at a wedding reception. I asked why, and he said all the kids want that for their room now.


Honestly, I was speechless. A fake vine?

So as it would be, a few photos of teens in their room started to show up in my news feed on social media and I noticed fake vines in the rooms of these teens.

What is it about this cheap piece of decor that teens want in their rooms? Where did this start?

I hope this helps some of you who may be looking for a gift for a teenager. Again, this gift request may sound odd, but apparently, someone on a social media platform convinced teens that fake vines in a bedroom are "cool" and the rest is history.

Now, let's go shopping.


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