Shoplifting has become a significant target of concern, pun intended, for the big box store Target in Louisiana and across the country.

We reported earlier this month that the retail giant recently announced that it will be rolling out new tech to help it crack down on repeat shoplifters.

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TruScan uses thermal technology to detect and identify items. These cameras are different from those you are used to seeing at self-checkout, which simply capture a video of your face to deter people from stealing.
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The TruScan technology can detect items being scanned and items that are missed. When a customer fails to scan an item properly or skips it altogether, they will be alerted with visual and audio cues to give them a chance to remedy their error.

Woman Racks of 10K in Stolen Merchandise From Lafayette, Louisiana Target Locations

Crime stoppers have requested the public's help in identifying an individual who has become a repeat offender. The woman they need help locating has shoplifted at both Lafayette Target locations, 4313 Ambassador Caffrey Parkway and 3225 Louisiana Avenue. Since 2021, she has racked up around $10,000 worth of stolen merchandise between the two stores.

Lafayette Crime Stoppers and the Lafayette Police Department needs your help in identifying the pictured habitual shoplifting suspect, all of which occurred at both Target locations (4313 Ambassador Caffrey Parkway and 3225 Louisiana Avenue). The shopliftings occurred between the years of 2021-2024. The suspect was captured on video surveillance selecting merchandise from the store and exiting the store, passing all points of sale without paying. In total, the suspect stole approximately $10,000 worth of merchandise.
Lafayette Crime Stoppers and LPD ask that if you know the identity of this person, please call Lafayette Crime Stoppers at (337) 232-TIPS (8477) or by dialing **TIPS (**8477) on your mobile device. All callers remain anonymous.


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