Louisiana notoriously ranks poorly for anything health-related partially because of our poor eating habits. We tend to eat high-fat and sodium diets, which on their own can cause serious health concerns in the long run.

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That said, many Louisiana families have started to cut out sugary foods and sodas and make healthier choices. With people making the switch to zero-sugar foods and drinks, low-calorie sweeteners have risen in popularity. One of the benefits of using Stevia, Splenda, or any of the other sugar substitutes is they don't spike your blood sugar or glucose levels, which is why many people have started to make the switch. They also have 40% fewer calories, making it extremely appealing to people trying to lose weight.

However, some new information may cause people to stop consuming this popular sugar substitute.

What Sugar Substitute Should Louisianians Avoid?


You will often see 'Keto-Friendly' items in the grocery store with this particular sugar substitute, and sometimes, it's used as a food additive. Xylitol is found in sugar-free candy, gum, toothpaste, and many other sugar-free baked goods. It's a sugar alcohol found in various fruits and vegetables, which doesn't sound terrible at first. It's also highly toxic to pets.

According to NBC News, researchers at the Cleveland Clinic found that xylitol may lead to an increased risk of heart attacks, strokes, or, in some cases, death.

A study published by the European Heart Journal called sugar substitutes into question. Small amounts found in foods naturally aren't the problem; it's when they're found in high concentrations and added to our food that they become a health concern.

In their research, they found that out of 3,000 people, 25% of people who had higher xylitol levels doubled their risk for heart attack, stroke, or even death over the next three years in comparison to those with lower levels.

The other concern they have is that xylitol activates platelets in the blood, making them more prone to clotting.

Unfortunately, the products that contain the highest amount of xylitol are marketed to people who are obese or trying to make healthier choices due to health concerns. These are the people who are at the highest risk of developing major health issues from consuming xylitol regularly.

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You can read the full detailed report from NBC News here.

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