Lottery players in Louisiana you need to check your tickets if you played in Tuesday night's drawing. The drawing for February 6th included a chance at a $365 million jackpot in the multi-state lottery game Mega Millions.

If you played last night, hopefully, you know where you stashed your tickets so you can check your numbers. The reason we bring up "remember where you stashed your tickets" is because another major lottery prize, a ticket worth $100,000, will expire in just three days.

First things first, Tuesday's drawing in the Mega Millions game. If you didn't see the drawing, here's how the numbers fell into place.

The estimated top prize in Tuesday's game was $365,000,000 for the annuitized jackpot. Alas, no tickets purchased for last night's game matched the numbers needed to claim that top prize, but there were some big money prizes earned. 

Mega Millions Jackpot Reaches New Record High
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Here's how the numbers shook out:

02   10   31   44   57   Mega Ball 10   Megaplier x4

You may verify those numbers at the official Mega Millions site.

As we mentioned there was no jackpot winner but tickets sold in California, Ohio, and Pennsylvania each claimed one million dollars by the Match 5 option in the game. Those tickets matched all five of the white ball numbers but did not match the Mega Ball.

Were There Big Money Winners in the Texas Lottery on Tuesday?

According to the Texas Lottery, a ticket for Tuesday's Mega Millions earned $10,000 while another earned $40,000. For the second ticket, the purchaser opted for the "megaplier" option which is why their prize is four times higher.

Texas Lottery via YouTube
Texas Lottery via YouTube

Meanwhile, Mega Millions players in Texas can also lay claim to some other nice cash prizes including 37 tickets that are valued at $500 this morning and another 17 tickets that earned the same prize but invoked the "megaplier" to make their prize haul $2,000.

Were There Any Big Lottery Wins in Louisiana on Tuesday?

The Louisiana Lottery has confirmed not only a $10,000 winner but has revealed the point of purchase location for that big-money winner. According to the Louisiana Lottery, the $10,000 Mega Millions winner that matched four of the five white balls was sold in Leesville, Louisiana. The ticket was purchased at Tobacco Plus #13 on South 5th Street.

Courtesy Louisiana Lottery
Courtesy Louisiana Lottery

The ticket holder will need to reach out to the nearest Louisiana Lottery office to arrange payment of their prize. I would also suggest the ticket holder sign the back of the ticket. That way if the ticket is lost or stolen the ticket purchaser could still lay claim to the prize.

$100,000 Powerball Winner Sold in Louisiana Will Expire on February 10th.

Can you believe a ticket worth $100,000 has not been claimed? This is the reason we asked you to check your purses, pockets, desk drawers, glove compartments, automobile consoles, or any other place you might have stashed a lottery ticket.

USA Mega via YouTube
USA Mega via YouTube

The ticket was sold for the August 14th Powerball drawing. It was sold at a Murphy Express on Highway 16 in Denham Springs. If you were in Denham Springs in August and may have stopped for gas and played Powerball, you might have a big winner that is about to evaporate before your very eyes.

What Happens to Unclaimed Lottery Prizes in Louisiana?

Those prizes are reabsorbed by the Lottery. They go to enhance other games, offer other prizes, or create promotions for other lottery games. The money is reinvested in the players and the games. It does not go directly to the state's coffers or directly into some politician's pocket. At least, that's what we have been told.

Powerball Jackpot Expected To Reach A Whopping Record-Breaking 1.5 Billion Dollars
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Speaking of Powerball, there is a drawing in that game tonight (02/07/24). The estimated jackpot is $228 million for the annuitized jackpot or $112.8 million if you opt for the lump sum payout. The Lotto top prize is $525,000 and Easy 5 boasts a jackpot of $130,000. All three of those drawings will take place this evening beginning at 10 pm.

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