I think one of the best adjectives to describe the weather this past summer in Lafayette, Louisiana, and our surrounding communities in Acadiana is BRUTAL.

We broke a few records for high-temperature days, and for those children and bus drivers in Lafayette who are on a bus without air conditioning, it must have been quite a difficult thing.

As the temperatures continued to rise school board members were contacted by parents and bus drivers about the situation.

The school board directed Superintended Francis Touchet to begin investigating costs, and at the recent meeting, members voted unanimously to spend the money to get air conditioning on all of the buses according to the Acadiana Advocate.

Many People Want to Know How Much It Will Cost for Air Conditioning

While some of the buses in the Lafayette Parish School System fleet do have air conditioning most of them do not. Some of the buses will need parts and installation, and some buses will just need parts.

According to officials, the installation will be just over $4,300 dollars, and parts vary drastically, but the good news is school board members are completely behind the repairs so buses will get that cool blast of air for your kids and drivers.

Windows on school buses in Lafayette Parish are allowed to be down. Kids can bring water bottles and small personal fans.

Lafayette Parish School Board Member Justin Centanni
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Lafayette Parish School Board Member Justin Centanni told us,

After the unprecedented temperatures this summer, it became a priority to install air conditioning in our buses for the safety and comfort of our students and drivers. I'm glad we were able ti immediately get started so we can be prepared for next year.

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