If your children ride a school bus back and forth to school each day, you may have heard from them that their bus is super hot even if the windows are down. Your child might be one who rides a bus without air-conditioning.

I can only imagine they would tell you it can be sweltering on the ride home when temperatures are blazing. If you are a bus driver and you drive a bus without air-conditioning, I can only imagine it's the same for you.

In speaking to Lafayette Parish School Board member Kate LaBue she said at the school board meeting Wednesday, September 13, they have asked interim Superintendent Francis Touchet to investigate how much it would cost to retrofit the older buses without air-conditioning.

The following is a picture of the request and the main three points they have asked Superintendent Touchet to look into:

Part of Agenda for Lafayette Parish School Board Meeting
Photo courtesy of LPSS

While the superintendent begins to look into these issues for the school board, LaBue gave us this statement:

In meeting with transportation staff and drivers, and considering the unprecedented temperatures, the board realizes the heightened safety issues present for our students and staff on our buses. We are endeavoring to obtain quotes on outfitting and retrofitting our bus fleet with air conditioning. in the meantime, we are doing everything possible, including providing bottled water for students, drivers, and aides, as well as providing fans to each driver, to mitigate the heat. We ask that parents speak to their children about removing their sweatshirts on the buses to assist with their comfort, as well as the importance of hydration, and respect for our transportation staff. Our drivers are vital to the success of our school system, and we want to join the community in saying thank you for all that you do. You are appreciated.

Depending on the findings of Superintendent Touchet's research, we could know more later in the year what the time and cost would be for getting AC on buses.

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