If you have been in Acadiana for any length of time and are an animal lover, you've probably heard of Sue Rabeaux: she is a very active and effective advocate for homeless animals in our area.

Sue's #GivingTuesday Fundraiser is geared to help the Acadiana Humane Society, and her Facebook post makes it so easy for you to contribute to the cause.

Think about this: if you click the $20 Donation Link, that will cost you less than 6 cents per day over the next year. That same $20 can pay to launder all of the bedding at the shelter. $20 is enough to buy the soap and bleach needed to clean and disinfect the food and water bowls in the shelter. A $20 donation is enough to pay for a full anti-biotic prescription for a sick animal or feed up to 4 animals for a whole week.

A $20 donation (just 6 cents a day for a year) can help the shelter help the animals in need.

Donate, if you can. If you can't donate, please share the page in hopes that others are able to help!

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