Elvis Presley is the most famous entertainer the world has ever known and this week Elvis fans from around the world are celebrating the life and times of the what many have labeled the greatest entertainer of all time.

August 16, 1977 Elvis Presley was found unconscious on his upstairs bathroom floor by his then girlfriend Ginger Alden who has a book coming out this month entitled Elvis and Ginger.  After Elvis' death, money was tight and in the early eighties Elvis' only wife Priscilla Presley opened his home for public touring and fans have been flocking to Graceland ever since.

May 1, 1967, Elvis and Priscilla Beaulieu were married in Vegas and on this, the 37th anniversary of Presley's death,  People Magazine has put together a few facts you may not know about the King's wedding.

1) It was the first marriage for both

2) The couple's first dance as man and wife was to the song 'Love Me Tender'

3) The suite where the wedding took place in Las Vegas at the Aladdin Hotel is no longer there. The hotel was demolished in 1997

4) The only celebrity to attend the nuptials was comedian Redd Foxx

5) The price of their 6 tiered wedding cake - $3,200 - cost more than a brand new Chevrolet in 1967.

Elvis met Priscilla at a party at his residence in Germany while in the Army.  She was just over 14-years-old and the courtship lasted 8 years.  The couple divorced in 1972 leaving the courthouse holding hands.

[Via:  People Magazine]





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