It's the circle of life. Two socks go into the wash and somehow only one sock comes out, but where does it go?

According to a post on Bored Panda by Cathy Hinz, really are to blame for one of life's most unanswered questions, "where have all my socks gone?"

Cathy and her husband made the sock discovery while cleaning out and taking apart washing machines at an apartment complex they manage. But it's not just socks that the washing machine took hostage, they also found underwear, a credit card and about $7.00 in change.

The photo from Cathy's post was Tweeted by @1SarahRose and has received over 83,000 likes and has been Retweeted almost 30,000 times.

To see how Cathy solved the missing sock mystery check out the full post on the Bored Panda website.

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