If one were to try and make fried shrimp at home that look and taste like those found in our amazing Cajun restaurants, some of us would fail miserably myself being one of those people.  My favorite food on earth is large golden fried shrimp.  Now just what is entailed in making perfect tasting fried shrimp?  Cajun people of Acadiana, I need your help.

I believe you would have to start with a few dozen Louisiana caught gulf shrimp.  Batter perfectly.  Fry to a golden brown and devour.  Sound easy?  It's not really.  I would imagine the entire success of the project is hidden in the flour and egg dipping liquid stuff.

I went online and tried to find the most popular recipe for fried shrimp batter.  This is the number one video I could find with over 950 million views.

I need your help.  All of you Cajun cooks out there, would you consider this to be a good recipe for fried shrimp?

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