Lafayette has been called 'The Happiest City In The U.S.," but is Louisiana itself on the list of happiest states?

A few years ago, Lafayette was top on a list of happiest cities in the United States. This year, Louisiana has made a similar list. Gallup polled people throughout the U.S. to find out their general 'well - being.' They looked at social happiness, physical health, and financial success. The leading state when it comes to general well - being is Hawaii, along with Texas, Colorado, and Vermont.

States with the lowest reports of well - being include Oklahoma, Alabama, and Louisiana. Louisiana has been on the list for the last seven years. The results are based on almost 200, 000 interviews completed last year in all 50 states.

No offense to our neighbors outside of Acadiana, but I have a feeling the people interviewed live way up north where the boudin isn't as plentiful and the coffee isn't as dark.

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