We may all be hunting for this one soon.

Experts who study insects and plants are asking Americans to keep an eye out for the Lanternfly.

This invasive species comes from China and is known to harm plants that may produce fruits and vegetables.


The Lanternfly, which is showing up in more states these days, can even pose a threat to trees, which would have a major impact on the lumber industry.

Those who are familiar with the invasive species say that they can spread easily across the country as their eggs are carried away. Yes, the Lanternfly eggs may fall on a vehicle that is traveling across the country, thus allowing this invasive insect to spread its "wings".

If you happen to spot their eggs on trees or plants, you should dispose of them, and if you actually come across this small insect---kill it.

The challenge in finding these insects has caught on and now many are posting on social media when they do come across one of these dangerous bugs.

They will not bite or sting you, but the amount of damage they can do to plants and trees in the years ahead is concerning.

Let the hunt begin.

Here are a few more reactions to people on social media doing their part to rid the country of this threat.

I will note here that there are many who are totally against the idea of killing these insects that pose such a danger to plants and trees.


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