The bill was signed into law last week.

It sounds like one of those stories to add to your 'Only In California' file, but a new bill signed into law on October 13th makes a lot of sense. The law basically allows drivers to eat roadkill, though not the kind of unsavory stuff that crosses our roads in Acadiana. According to Fox News, the bill says that over 20, 000 deer alone are struck by vehicles throughout California each year. The purpose of the law is to allow for deer or other animal meat to be salvaged and used to feed those in need and to collect data on how and where wildlife is killed. Most states already have a law like this in place. In Louisiana, someone with a hunting license can keep a deer they unintentionally kill with a vehicle, but those without a license must call police and ask before taking the deer.

Click here to see roadkill laws in every state.

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