Growing up as a weather geek, I have always been fascinated by hurricanes and tornadoes. I've always heard the term "Tornado Alley" and for most of my life that has been defined as an area of the Great Plains of the United States. Tornado Alley, as I knew it, stretched from North Texas through Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and into Western Iowa and Missouri.

However, recent storm reports over the past few years seem to indicate that maybe the nation's most likely place to encounter a tornado could be shifting a bit to the east and to the south. That's right, there is some meteorological data to back up the hypothesis that Tornado Alley should now include Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas.

What would cause this shift of severe weather potential? Well, that's another highly debatable subject, climate change. Regardless of your position on that subject, you can't deny the fact that Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas are seeing more and more tornado reports and reports of severe weather.

Whether this can be linked to changes in the Earth's climate or is just Nature going through a cycle remains to be seen. The bottom line is simply this. You and I need to be prepared to seek shelter should warnings be issued. We should also be very cognizant anytime a severe weather watch is posted for the area.

As the folks at Homeland Security like to say. Get a Game Plan, and make sure everyone in your family knows what that plan is.



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