I might not get 'bro points' for this opinion, but I, for one, don't think that laundry is 'woman's work.'  I can remember our Mom teaching us about separating the laundry, temperature selection, not letting them sit in the washer too long after the cycle is complete, etc.

This 'care tag' from a pair of pants has Twitter aflutter with its contents - the last line of the care instructions reads "GIVE IT TO YOUR WOMAN - - IT'S HER JOB".

Sexist Care Instructions

What do you think?  Funny?  Sexist?

(Here's a FYI:  If your co-worker comes in smelling fairly rank, and it's not BO, it's quite possible that they allowed their laundry to linger in the washing machine for a bit too long after the cycle had completed.  It is much better to let it sit in the dryer and get wrinkled than it is to let it sit in your washer too long and get your co-workers upset.  Don't be 'That Guy.')

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