For people who dye their hair, there has been an age-old question, is it better to dye clean hair or dirty hair?

Many many hairdressers and websites claim it is much better to dye dirty hair.  The most common explanation is because clean hair can be too slippery and that manufacturers of hair color formulate chemicals to adhere better to dirty hair.  This is 100% incorrect.

Clean hair will take color better.  You'll experience more even, natural-looking results with cleaner hair.  Your hair color will also last longer.  The one thing you and your hairdresser have to be mindful of is the possibility of your scalp being burned.  Freshly washed hair may take color better but a fresh wash may strip away your essential scalp oils making your scalp more vulnerable.

The experts say the only time it is wise to dye dirty hair is when doing a global lightening.  But that's not because the color lightener will take better to dirty hair, it's because the oils on your scalp will help protect it from the harsh chemicals in the lighteners.

There is also information floating around on the internet that you must wait 24 hours after you rinse the color out of your hair before you can wash it again.  The claims are, if you do, the color will wash out of your hair because it hasn't had time to cure and therefore your color will not last as long.  That is also false.  Once the chemical process has finished, the color is in to stay.  However, the color will fade over time.

And men, these rules also apply to your hair and beard as well.

So, overall, is it better to dye dirty hair.  No!  Only a myth.

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