Is Wynonna Judd the daughter of Elvis Presley.  Before you start laughing hysterically, let's take a look at some things.

A few days ago, I was hanging out with a few musician friends of mine and we started talking about Elvis Presley.  Being a huge Elvis fan, this was not an unusual topic, especially in a room full of musician types and me.  One of the ladies in the room, who is very well connected in the music industry, out of the blue says, "You know Wynonna Judd is Elvis' daughter".  My face must have looked like I'd lost my best friend  Because I thought I knew almost everything about Elvis.  I said to her that I'd never ever heard anyone make that claim.  Stunned, I asked for the rest of the story.

Elvis Presley
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Turns out, Naomi Judd, mother of that red-headed powerhouse singer we all know as simply Wynonna, was Elvis' personal nurse at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis.  And from what I've learned, she was his very 'personal' nurse if you know what I mean.  Now keep in mind, in the early to late 70s, Elvis was not in the best health.  And was battling a hushed severe addition to prescription drugs.  During that time Naomi was a nurse and an aspiring singer as well  She was a nobody looking to turn in her lab coat and stethoscope  for a stage outfit and a microphone.

The Judds
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Since my friend put this insane possibility in my head, I set out on a quest to find the truth.  I've watched videos and read articles of mom Naomi Judd being interviewed.  I've done the same for daughters Ashley, the renowned actor in the family and superstar singer Wynonna.  I have also contacted a few of my friends in the music business who have been around a while and know a lot.

Not in any interview on television or radio can I find Naomi Judd denying that Wynonna is the daughter of the King of Rock and Roll.  She has had the chance.  The question's come up, but never was the rumor put to rest in any of my findings.  Now that's not to say I've watched and read everything.  In addition, my friends in the music business tell me most of them believe it to be true, but no one ever talks about it.

Wynonna sure does have the pipes, that lip thing, the stance and she can sing the hell out of an Elvis Presley song.  But none of that proves she's the daughter of the late Elvis Presley.

Will we ever know the truth?  No one can answer that.  Until the family confirms or denies the rumor, we'll all have 'Suspicious Minds'.



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