Even in slow motion, this video will have you scratching your head.  This bizarre car crash has viewers trying to figure out where the car that caused the crash came from.  The intersection appears 100% clear, free of any on-coming cars.  One vehicle is stopped, about to make a right turn.  The driver proceeds to turn right, as no cars are visible, when out of the blue, there's a car in the path of the car making the turn and the two vehicles end up colliding.  Even in slow motion, it's impossible to tell where the car came from.
This video was captured by a dashcam in the city-state of Singapore in south-east Asia.  The clip shows a motorist in a white car sitting at an intersection waiting to make a right turn.  Clearly no other vehicles are visible.  As the white car attempts to make the maneuver, a silver car magically appears in the middle of the intersection. Some viewers are calling the silver car, the 'ghost car'.
Take a look at the video and see if you can explain it.


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