New York has passed a law that will ban vaping in indoor public spaces within the state (BBC).

The health risks of vaping (inhalation and exhalation of water vapors as an alternative to smoking by the use of electronic cigarettes or other vaporizing machines) are still being investigated, as the practice is still relatively new. Long-term effects of vaping (and second-hand vaping) are still unknown.

New York was one of the first states to ban smoking in public indoor spaces, and many municipalities throughout the state already have a ban on vaping in public indoor spaces (New York City's ban on indoor vaping dates back to 2013).

What are your thoughts on this? Is it more government over-reach, or do you think it is the government's responsibility to protect the citizens of the United States? Do you feel that the ban will encourage other states to follow suit? Do you think that vaping is harmless?

On a related note: it did not surprise me that you could find how-to videos online to guide you down the path of vaping.


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