A recent survey has discovered the exact amount of money it would take for people to give up smoking forever. Louisiana's smokers apparently arrived at a pretty interesting and specific amount.

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There are countless reasons to quit smoking or to never start at all. But for many smokers, kicking the habit is insanely tough.

Studies have shown that quitting smoking is harder than quitting heroin in many cases.

Could cold hard cash be what it takes for Louisiana smokers to finally put their smokes down once and for all?

According to a new survey from itsoklahomas.com, the answer is a big ole "YES".

"Oklahoma Smokes, an alternative smoke for tobacco quittin' folk, surveyed 3,595 smokers to find out just how much of a cash incentive would encourage them to curb their tobacco habit. "

The average Texan said $8,917 would be the magic number to quit smoking.

Californians played a bit more "hard to get" and arrived at the price of $15,928 to put down their packs forever.

So, how much money would it take for the average Louisiana smoker to quit?

Looks like if $8,541 was offered, Louisiana's smokers would kick the habit once and for all.

In addition to the $8,541, think of all the money saved and obviously, the health benefits would be priceless.

So ask yourself if you're a smoker...if someone offered you $8,541 would you finally quit?

Below is the interactive map showing what dollar amount each state's smokers would quit for.

Read more at itsoklahomas.com.

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