Sha' Carri Richardson's time on camera is usually very brief. That's because Richardson, a former track star at LSU is one of the fastest women in the world. She was actually fast enough to be a part of the United States Olympic team. However, those Olympic dreams were dashed by a positive test for a banned substance.

Richardson reportedly tested positive for marijuana use. To her credit, she came clean about the test and basically understood where she was wrong and she was willing to accept the consequences of her actions. Among those consequences was the dismissal from the U.S. Olympic Team.

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Personally, I'd like to see the drug tests of every member of the United States Olympic Committee and similar test results from the International Olympic Committee too. In my view, neither of those organizations has run an exemplary ship over the past few years.

You might recall the corruption scandal involving members of the IOC and the Sochi Russia games and then for the U.S. Olympic Committee just take a peek back at some of the less than stellar leadership provided in the whole gymnastic fiasco.

NBC Sports via YouTube
NBC Sports via YouTube

But rules are rules and Sha' Carri Richardson knew she broke the rules and because of that, she might have just come into a little money. Okay, she may have just come into a quarter of a million dollars.

TMZ, the celebrity gossip, and infotainment website is reporting that Richardson has been offered an endorsement deal from an organization called Dr. Dabber. The company reportedly specializes in "all things weed". So, I am guessing you are seeing the connection now between Dr. Dabber and Sha' Carri Richardson, right?

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The company has reportedly offered Richardson $250,000 to become one of their ambassadors. The company's offer letter expresses condolences on missing out on the Olympics but does suggest that THC, the ingredient that makes you high when you consume cannabis, can have many positive effects on an athlete's recovery and overall mental well-being.

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Other specifics of the deal were not disclosed. Richardson is next expected to compete on the track after her ban is lifted in August. Tentative plans show that Richardson is expected to participate in Oregon's Prefontaine Classic on August 20 and 21. Richardson indicated she is targeting those dates for her return and is currently training hard to "put on a show" when she is allowed to return to the track.

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