Rare drone footage has been captured from inside of the category 4 Hurricane Fiona that is currently off of the Eastern coast of the United States. The drone, which was attached to a robotic surfboard, was able to stay atop 50-foot waves as the weather system brought about intense swells.

Twitter via @capitalweather
Twitter via @capitalweather

As the National Hurricane Center monitors five weather systems in the tropics, here in Acadiana we are keeping an eye on one system in particular that has a chance to make its way into the Gulf of Mexico by next week.

See what Chief Meteorologist @robperillo with our media partners at KATC-TV3 has to say via Twitter below.


While Disturbance 98L is the focus for folks along the Gulf Coast, Hurricane Fiona continues its way through the Atlantic Ocean as it keeps a distance from the Eastern Coast of the United States.

Check out "a day in the life" of Hurricane Fiona via @wearethedak on Twitter below.



Robotic Surfboard Ocean Drone Captures Footage from Inside of Hurricane Fiona

Reports say that inside the heart of the Category 4 hurricane is a robotic surfboard ocean drone that is being operated by the company Saildrone as well as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Roughly 360 miles southeast of Bermuda, the drone has captured some chilling images that show swirling waters and crashing waves within the powerful hurricane.


Winds in this portion of the storm have reportedly been recorded at speeds of over 100 mph. Wave heights have reportedly reached 50 feet.

Incredibly Rare Footage from Inside of Category 4 Hurricane Fiona

See the video from @capitalweather on Twitter below.


As the tropics come to life this hurricane season, make sure that you and your family are prepared if a storm does make its way towards Louisiana.

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