One of the last songs played today on the KTDY Polyester Power Hour was 'Keep On Smillin'.  Toward the end of the song, several people barged into the KTDY studio, including our General Manager Mike Grimsley, needing JayCee and I to clear up a debate over the lyrics of the 70's hit by Wet Willie.  After a long discussion, a talk with our resident expert Steve Wiley and an extensive internet search, the debate is still ongoing.  That's why we need your help.

Toward the latter part of the song, and most people's favorite part, there is a line that says either, 'Are you a farmer, are you a star' or 'Are you a bum or are you a star'.  We are split 50/50 in our building and the internet was no help, depending on where we searched, we found both lyrics to be correct.

What do you think is the correct line?

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