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Is the American worker becoming more and more extinct?  Is closing mom and pop businesses around the U.S.?  Or should we blame robots and automation?  The answer may be, all of the above.

The landscape of America is changing, there's no doubt about that.  From politics to the way we buy toilet paper is much different that just a few years ago.  I drive through Lafayette and see 'store closing' signs displayed, too much for comfort.  This is not exclusive to Lafayette, small towns or cities.  No city is immune to the new economic landscape.

I just finished reading an article from, that referred to workers as being the most important workers in America.  That statement may be a bit bold and may even make you uncomfortable, but there is some truth in it.

Million of Americans, especially Millennials, would rather jump on a computer, click a few keys and look for a package in the mail a few days later.  And if we pay a little more, the package arrives at our door the very next day.  With such a convenience offered to all, why would anyone take time out of a busy day and use gas to go from store to store and possibly never find what their looking for.  After all, online, there's a picture, description, lowest price, no gas expense, hardly any time out of the day is lost and no human contact.

In addition, more and more American jobs are being lost to automation, robots.  Remember when you were a kid, you thought robots were cool.  Not so cool when they steal your job are they?

Brick and mortar businesses will always exist.  The question is, will they eventually become only hospitals, car dealerships, law firms, gas stations, restaurants and bars?

Teenagers starting college should really think about the future landscape of America and the world, Millennials should takeoff their backpacks (they carry those everywhere) and hold a conversation with an elder every now and then and us older folks need to start thinking out of the box, way out of the box.

America is changing, those who don't adapt will be left behind.  Don't let fear get in the way.  Think big.  Think different.  Think!



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