One of the most frustrating things about cleaning house is when you get to something that you either have no idea how to clean or it seems impossible to clean at all.

For instance, that pot that has remnants of burnt food? Or maybe its the rust on the oven that you've tried every trick in the book on and nothing worked?

Let's throw a wild idea out there. What about using ketchup?

Erik McLean via
Erik McLean via

Apparently, ketchup serves more purposes than dipping french fries in. It also saves you money on buying a variety of cleaners that are pretty much useless.

I could try to explain, but you'll be lost before I type the first period. Let me just show you.

Oh yea, I forgot to mention it can help with skeeter bites. The key ingredients in the ketchup that give it more than one use are the citric acid and vinegar.

It has been known for quite some time that vinegar can be a great cleaning product, so the fact that ketchup can do the same isn't all that shocking.

I can't say I've used ketchup to clean simply because it goes to quickly in my house. But I might have to buy a little side bottle for the cleaning cabinet.

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