I love music, period.  But like you, I have favorite artists and a favorite genre.  I tend to gravitate, during my private time, to classic country.  The real old stuff.  A few days ago, I ran across a song that I knew of, but not very well.  So even though it's an oldie, to me, it was almost like new.

I was on Johnston listening to iTunes, some random setting in an attempt to let something or someone else play music to me for a change.  I was halfway paying attention to the selections, 'cause honestly I wasn't enjoying what iTunes was dealing me, until the beginning of a Ronnie Milsap song came through the speakers.  The beginning screamed classic country heartbreak with a hint of blues.  The sound system in the car could not go loud enough.

The last conversation I had with my mother before she passed away, was a phone call I placed to her from my office at work.  She always complained I didn't call enough or go see her enough.  So I called to ask her if she wanted to come with the kids and me to see Ronnie Milsap at Cypress Bayou Casino in Charenton.  I also asked if she thought dad wanted to come, and if so, I'd make arrangements as he was handicapped.  She said she didn't think she wanted to go around, "all those people" as her allergies had been bothering her.  She thanked me and ended the phone call with, "I love you, kiss Blake and Britt for me, bye bye".  Those are the last words I heard my mother say.  So, as you can imagine, Ronnie Milsap will always hold a special place in my heart.

The song I speak of is by six time Grammy award winner with forty number one songs to his credit, the incomparable Ronnie Milsap.  This one went to number one in 1975 and it's called, 'Too Late To Worry, Too Blue To Cry.  Let me know if you like it.

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