On Wednesday, a 400 lb alligator interrupted early morning golfers in South Carolina.  The 10-footer, nicknamed "Big Daddy," scared a few golfers and grounds-keeping staff members during his leisurely stroll across the Long Cove Club’s Pete Dye golf course.  Gators in Louisiana heard this story and laughed.

Seemingly, in a bid to re-establish our place as gator central, an even bigger alligator popped out of the water and decided to strut his stuff at the Zurich Classic golf tournament in New Orleans yesterday.  Fox News is reporting that this 15 foot long scaled tree trunk with teeth not only decided to play through on the world famous TPC Course in Avondale - it found a snake in the grass to join it!  Not as a companion, as a meal.  It seems this Cajun Godzilla loves attention and the taste of slithery serpent, as he chomped down on the living spaghetti in plain view of everyone before dragging his leftovers into the water.

Apparently, gators at this tournament are as common as lost balls and funny pants.  Check out some of the better encounters here.

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