Here's how you can negatively impact this weekend's Super Bowel ratings.

Many folks have decided to boycott this weekend's Super Bowl LIE. It may seem as easy as leaving your TV off, but you'd have to make sure your cable or satellite receiver is also off to truly make a difference.

Assuming you're not a Nielsen family (you would know if you are) then the best way to put a dent in the sham of a game's ratings is by tuning each of the TVs in your home to something other than the Super Bowl. Here's a list of things you can watch that will be airing at the same time the Super Bowl is on.

You also want to make sure your TV's 'picture in picture' feature is tuned to anything but the Super Bowl. This is a feature found on mostly older TVs, but if you know you have it, make sure you've got something else on it.

And click here for the full list of Super Bowl LIE sponsors if you want to boycott them, too!

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