If you're attending or hosting a Super Bowl party the food aspect of the party is a major factor, you've got to nail the food to keep your guests full and happy (especially Saints fans).

There was a recent survey conducted of Americans via Wallethub that polled folks as to what they crave most at a Super Bowl party. Here are the results:

  1. Pizza/Assorted meats and wings(26%)
  2. Nachos (22%)
  3. Guacamole (11%)
  4. Chili (9%)
  5. Popcorn and chips (6%)

Frankly, I'm surprised salsa isn't on this list or more people weren't more into chips. Also, where are the deserts??

I would be really interested to hear from Cajuns to see how your Super Bowl spread differs from the norm.

Do you add in a good hearty gumbo? Maybe some Jambalaya?

If you're a Cajun and host a Super Bowl party let me know what you're cooking or normally cook for your Super Sunday party.


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