Here's an easy way to make a face mask that probably won't cost you a thing.

Now that the White House is recommending that everyone wear a mask to prevent spreading COVID - 19 to others, masks that were available are selling out and people are finding ways to improvise. This method is going around on social media and is nothing more than a carefully - folded bandanna and two elastic hair bands. I've seen more than a few people commenting on posts with this idea and saying that it's hard to find these bandannas. I've seen them many times at Dollar General and I'd guess they're also available at other dollar stores and probably WalMart as well.

While I'm not a medical expert, it seems that the bandanna is folded enough to prevent the transfer of droplets through the air by breathing or talking, which are the main ways COVID - 19 is spread. If you're unable to find surgical or N95 masks, give this a try!

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