When is it time for you to stop going to nightclubs? One sure sign is when you walk in, and run into your children's friends. If that happens, you're well past that point. What are you doing there?? That being said, there are more subtle indications that come earlier than that. We've all heard the old saying. "If it's too loud, you're too old!" The music being unfamiliar, and/ or distasteful to you is another tell tale sign. Esquire reports, a recent survey indicates 37 is the age at which you should stop "clubbing." Most people who intend to raise families are doing so by that age. Parenthood brings a dramatic shift in most people's priorities. For the price of 3 drinks in a club, you could buy a bottle. Then, there's the expense of a babysitter. I've never been much of a "Club Person," even when I was young. Being surrounded by intoxicated strangers, whose behavior can't be predicted, has never appealed to me.

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