Is this the coolest (grossest) party entrance ever?

Take it from a guy who worked at Phoenix Underground for years, the entrance to a party is important. I can say with certainty that one (small) reason Phoenix Underground was a successful nightclub in Shreveport for over ten years, is it's unique entrance.

For those unaware, at Phoenix in downtown Shreveport, you would wait outside in a line generally wrapped around the building. One by one, groups of 4-6 people would enter the club together. Except they weren't walking through doors, they were walking into an elevator which would take them one story down and drop them off at the biggest party in town.

The entrance matters, but I can't say I've ever seen an entrance quite like this.

This viral video comes from an outdoor music festival in Australia. In the video, we see a long line of people walking into a port-o-potty. Instead of nastiness and stink, they walk into a secret rave party and it's incredible.

You have to see this!


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