Sorry, we're not including your leftover meals on this one.

For many of us, Thanksgiving includes a lot of food. There are those who also enjoy several turkey day meals throughout the month. I typically have two or three different gatherings to attend each year. One with my extended family, one with my in-laws and one at the office. I've got a cousin who attends about five each year because everyone on her husband's side of the family wants to host their own dinner. She had her first Thanksgiving dinner for 2019 on November 2. Yes, just two days after Halloween.

Not everyone goes that hard on turkey day though.

How many Thanksgivings are you attending this year? You're welcome to include the dinner you might be hosting and your "Friendsgiving" celebrations in your count. Also, feel free to tell us if you are responsible for any portion of the meal and what you're planning on contributing.

We're all about sharing here, especially around the holidays!

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