If you are tired of certain topics coming across your Twitter feed, I have found a way to answer the question "How do I mute certain words on Twitter?"

Our coworker was tired of seeing stories about Cryptocurrency (think Dogecoin and Bitcoin, et al), so she decided to search for a way to keep from seeing Tweets about it.

Here's what she found: In both worlds (Android and iOS), there are steps you CAN take to (mostly) eliminate certain terms from your Twitter feed.

Of course, these steps may need to be updated as operating systems get updated (why do they change so many things with most updates??!?!), so there's that. In the meantime, here's what to do.

Scared of clowns? Mute all Tweets with those evil characters. Don't like politics? Mute Biden and Trump. Don't like chocolate cake? What is wrong with you?

Just follow the steps here as explained by Twitter.

Happy muting!!

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