In 1981, Champaign had a huge hit with their song "How 'Bout Us". Now, the son of the original singer is making a splash with the song edited for today's climate.


The original song reached #1 in the US on the Adult Contemporary charts, and anyone who was of age during that time can probably sing along. Soulful, love-inspired lyrics that really spoke to your heart helped propel the song to the top of the charts then, and the new lyrics (which speak to our current climate) will touch your heart in a different way.

With video clips of protests (some peaceful, some not-so-much) and rallies flashing as the song plays, many a poignant moment can be seen when protestors and police come together for high fives, fist bumps, hugs, and handshakes.

The reboot, performed by Scarecrow Adams (the son the original artist), gives hope in a time of uncertainty. The video reminds us that we have more in common that should bind us than differences that are dividing us. Let's concentrate on the good, work on the bad, and meet in the middle with the goal of equality, justice, and peace for all.

Here's a look at the original song:


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