I have asked before if the Rougarou is real or folklore but did you know that there is a whole festival devoted to it?

I did not know that this festival existed but it honestly doesn’t surprise me.

In Louisiana, we don’t really need a reason to celebrate or to hold a festival… and that is one of the things I love about this place.

The Rougarou Fest is held in Houma each year for a full weekend of festival fun. As you can imagine this festival is all about celebrating the infamous swamp monster, the Rougarou.

From what I hear this is one of the best festivals around and you may want to mark your calendars now because you won't want to miss it.

This year’s Rougarou Festival will be held on October 21-23, 2022, and will take place in Downtown Houma.

If you plan to make your way down to Houma for this festival then I suggest you may want to bring a costume with you, because trust me the costumes are on point.

There will be a parade that will take place on Saturday, October 22, 2022. Krewe Ga Rou rolls at 7 P.M. The route begins at the Civic Center and then makes a one-mile loop before coming back to the center.

There will be an arts and crafts section of the festival that is full of some amazing vendors and displays.

And of course, there will be activities for the kiddos too.

Plus, you can’t attend a festival in Louisiana without tasting some of the best foods around.

So grab your costume, and your dancing shoes, and of course, be ready to eat when you arrive at the Rougarou Fest.

For a full lineup of events and live music, you can visit the Rougarou Fest website.

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Live Music Lineup:

Friday, October 21

6PM ReauxShambo Band

8PM The Wolfe Johns Blues Band

Saturday, October 22

12PM Cajun Music Preservation Society

1PM Back Roots

3PM Sista Slick and the Brothas

5PM The 45s

8PM Nonc Nu and the Wild Matous

Sunday, October 23

12PM Bang Bang

2PM Tradition Bearer Awards

3PM Ben Labat

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