There are some spooky places in Louisiana.

Most people automatically think of New Orleans when they hear about paranormal activity but there have been sightings of spirits and ghosts all across the state of Louisiana.

One spot that is said to be a paranormal hot spot is the Hotel Bentley in Downtown Alexandria.

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History of the Hotel Bentley:

The Hotel Bentley was built in 1907 by Joseph Bentley and cost about $700,000 to complete it.
Rumor has it that Bentley decided to build the hotel because he was turned down for a room at a nearby hotel.
Joseph lived in the hotel until his death in 1938 and his apartment and private elevator are still on the property to this day.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Unexplained Phenomenon at the Hotel Bentley:

While the hotel has undergone several renovations since 1907 some believe that this is one of the most haunted spots in the state. And some truly believe that Joseph Bentley never left the hotel, if you get what I'm trying to say.
Several guests have spotted him mainly on the third floor of the hotel but they have also seen him in the Mirror Bar Lounge as well. However, Joseph Bentley isn't the only person that has been spotted in the hotel.
Another common sighting is a young woman who fell to her death in an elevator shaft, and another man who fell over the grand staircase in 1985.
A few visitors to the Hotel Bentley claim to have heard the voices of Generals Patton and Bradley discussing war strategies.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Ghost Hunters also visited the hotel in 2011 where they had several strange and unexplainable things happen to them while they were filming.

While some may believe that the Hotel Bentley is haunted and others may not, one thing is certain, it is an absolutely gorgeous hotel and if you get the chance it is worth the visit.

Here is a video I found on YouTube that takes you through the Hotel Bentley:


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