Sad news to report out of Lafayette Parish today as two pets perished in a camper fire around 9 o'clock this morning on Bourque Road.

The woman who owns the camper, and the fire officials who responded to the scene, all tried to save the pets, but unfortunately they were not able to do so without perishing in the flames themselves. The woman explained to officials that she did call to her pets, but they did not come out of the camper.

The woman was sleeping. She woke up when she started having some difficulty breathing. It turns out that the reason she couldn't breathe is that the whole room was full of smoke from the fire.

Now, a woman who was driving by that area, saw the blaze, and she called in the fire to authorities.

In reference to the fire, the woman says when she was able to get out of the camper, she noticed that the fire must have started in one of the compartment areas below the camper that holds supplies.

As Alton Trahan, an investigator with the Lafayette Fire Department points out, it was an electrical issue that caused the blaze to start in the front storage area under the camper. This couple that lives in the camper is now homeless, and both of their cars were damaged because of the fire. These two have nothing left of their belongings.

The woman was checked out by Acadian Ambulance paramedics at the scene due to smoke inhalation.

Several fire departments in addition to the Lafayette Fire Department responded to the scene including the following:

  • Scott Fire Department
  • Milton Fire Department
  • Judice Fire Department




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