Here's one bird who is doing the most to practice social distancing.

When Jamie Fleniken and her co-workers saw a peacock wandering onto the highway, they knew they had to act fast. Jamie is the manager of Bosco's, a specialty meats store off of Highway 90 at the Southpark intersection.

While Fleniken and her team are familiar with the birds they sell in their store and in their plate lunches, peacocks are definitely beyond what they define as "specialty."

This peacock shows up and was about to go into the highway traffic, so we tried to call animal control but everyone was closed. We didn't want it to get hit, so we called Broussard PD.

When Officer Kasey Boudreaux with Broussard Police showed up, his plan was to catch the peacock per the direction of a fellow Lafayette officer via radio—but as the Bosco's team looked on, they wondered what the officer would do if he actually caught the elusive peacock?

If he catches it, then what? You gonna put him in back of the squad car? He was like "hell if I know, I've been doing this 13 years and I've never dealt with anything like this"

As you can see in the video, despite his valiant efforts, the officer wasn't fast enough to catch the peacock.

Another officer showed up with a net but at that point the peacock took flight. At the end of the day, the peacock avoided becoming roadkill and everyone had a good laugh.

Of all places to go, he chose a meat market.

Definitely worth sharing with friends who may need a good laugh right now.

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